Meet the hidden gem of the Cyclades with the enchanting beaches, beautiful villages and unique tastes!

Η υπέροχη Νάξος

Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades. It is an extremely fertile island with great history, beautiful scenery and many attractions that attract many visitors, especially during summer. It has an area of ​​about 440 square kilometers and a coastline that reaches almost 150 kilometers.

Its fertile land offers many goods to its residents and visitors and the island is famous for its agricultural and livestock products, especially wine, cheese and meat. Its numerous visitors have many choices that cover almost any different taste, starting from the beautiful and numerous beaches, to the historical attractions, within a beautiful scenery that leaves no one untouched.

Naxos has fertile land and produces many unique and original products. The most famous product of Naxos is its famous potato. Also, fine wines are produced from great grape varieties, plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables as well as olive oil of excellent quality.
Naxos is also famous for its livestock and dairy products: it produces a great variety of cheeses (Graviera, kefalotyri, ksino, mizithra), as well as nice goat, lamb and beef meat! Production not only covers the local market but is also exported to the rest of Greece and Europe!

Naxos is an ideal spot for many sports and other sea, mountain or nature activities. Whatever activity you choose to follow, you will be delighted with the natural environment that harmoniously complements good tourist and sports infrastructure. You will most certainly be more than satisfied with your choice.


Εικόνες από τη Νάξο